The annual communication meeting organised by Calaf Grup took place on 12th May.

Yesterday, Wednesday 12 May, Calaf Grup organised an informative session that took place at the Casal de Calaf.

As many of you already know, before the pandemic, we hold an annual briefing for all the workers who make up Calaf Grup. Unfortunately, last year it was not possible to do so and this year we have been forced to substantially reduce the number of attendees.

The agenda of the day was:
  • Welcome, Josep Maria Pujol
  • Purpose and strategy (present and future), Joan Pujol followed by Joan Manel Casamitjana, Jordi Pujol and Francesc Vila.
  • Governance Model, Míriam Pujol
  • Successful models (best practices), Esteve Farrero
  • Round tables and open question time
  • Closing, Míriam Pujol
The new purpose of Calaf Constructora and Serom is "we build differently to change the society in which we live". As Juan Pujol emphasised, the new purpose has a very clear direct meaning, but it goes further: to build refers to our way of doing things, different means collaboratively, with technique, respecting the environment and in accordance with our values. Finally, society means the family, the company, the village, the territory. The primary objective of this purpose is to be able to transfer and transmit our work culture everywhere we go. We must generate trust, capacity, alliances and quality.

The day also served to present two new additions to the Group:
- Jordi Soler as Director of Business Expansion in Calaf Grup
- Marco Marcos as General Manager of seroma.

Both have already joined this week.

At the same time, Jordi Pujol presented the new projects and future forecasts of Calaf Industrial.

In the second part of the day, the attendees were able to meet Esteban Farrero and Ignasi Sayol, external advisors to the Calaf Grup's Board of Directors. Jordi Miró, currently the Group's Financial Director, joined the Board this year.

Finally, Míriam Pujol presented the Group's new governance model, which is much more horizontal and less hierarchical. With this new structure, where the different business managers will report directly to the Board, more autonomy is given to the businesses and to bring more freedom and value to their undertaking. It is expected to bring more speed, agility and power.
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