DAGA develops water treatment equipment for wastewater treatment stations (WWTP), equipment for the filtration and slashing of irrigation water and equipment for the treatment of industrial effluents. 

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Transporters and compactors


Compact snails, conveyors and conveyor belts.

Sieves and filters


Static sieve, rotary sieve, chain filter and sieve grids.



Designed to be installed in circular enclosures, it separates sludge mechanically.



Equipment designed to transfer oxygen during the biological stage of wastewater treatment plants



Linear, circular, suction and spillway settling bridges and baffles.

Degreasers and chasers

Grease concentrators with and without tank, desanding and desanding bridges (longitudinal) and sand extractors with worm screw.



The automatic cleaning grates are a mono-block equipment designed to be installed in channels and to automatically remove solids from the water by roughing.