CALAF GRUP has a human team for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) management that promotes these aspects in all. CALAF GRUP companies and ensures the application of sustainable development actions in the activities related to the business lines.

The R&D&I activities also meet the UNE 166.002 certification in an effort common to all levels of the company.

Innovation partners


Success story


PICVISA is a Catalan company specialised in the development of machine vision and robotics solutions applied to recycling. The company develops machine vision and artificial intelligence software, applications of robotic solutions and optical sorters for the recovery of recoverable waste.

PICVISA operates internationally and has installed more than 200 opticians who recycle around 2 million tonnes of waste per year, the equivalent of the waste generated by 4.5 million people.

PICVISA's main objective is to make recycling profitable for companies. In order to continue to make it easier for companies to recycle, appropriate equipment must be incorporated into waste treatment to improve waste sorting performance and make its path to a new life more efficient. Therefore, we must continue to innovate in the creation of increasingly efficient technology with fewer errors. For this reason, PICVISA's activity is always innovative and at its core. We work every day to offer new technology that did not exist yesterday.

Pollution is not an accident, but a consequence of decisions made throughout the life of products. Our decision is to reduce it by creating an alternative through new technology. We firmly believe that progress will be made by respecting our environment and this is our contribution.