Dear Contributors,

As you know, we are in an extraordinary situation. The country is in a state of alarm and health crisis due to the extension of COVID-19. To prevent the collapse of hospitals, a regime of generalized confinement and an alarming state has been enacted, forcing us to establish working from home policy to avoid any service disruptions. This is new for all of us and we, from the management and staff of CALAF GRUP, will try to make our activity in the best possible conditions and give results proportional to what we would expect under normal circumstances. We will come out transformed, no doubt.

We are working to face the period of confinement, which may presumably last for a few weeks. It is key for us all to be extremely careful about our health and for everyone to understand that confinement is not only to protect each of us, but also to the people around us. Let's face it all!
We remain at your disposal, by telephone or email, to process any request or query that they require, whether it comes from an existing relationship or not. We are to collaborate in whatever is needed.

Yours faithfully,
Directed by CALAF GRUP
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