CALAF GRUP installs a defibrillator in its Headquarters in Calaf

From this week CALAF GRUP is a cardio protected company. An automatic defibrillator (DEA) has been installed in its headquarters in Calaf in order to be prepared to face any cardiopulmonary emergency. The aim is to allow a quick intervention in the event of cardiac arrest suffered by an employee or a visitor, customer, supplier, etc.

The defibrillators are thought for anyone to be able to use it by following the instructions. However, a specific training has been followed by a number of employees in order to learn all the details and its functions to be competent enough in the event of emergency.

The defibrillator has been duly installed and signposted on the first floor of the building, before the entrance, at the upper part of the stairs to be identified by anyone.

With the installation of an automatic defibrillator CALAF GRUP shows its will to care for all employees and all the  people who visit the company.

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